Process & Diagnosis

If your child or patient has been referred for a full diagnostic evaluation, there are several options to pursue. A definitive diagnosis can often qualify a child for a greater variety and amount of services, and is necessary to ensure that the child continues to receive services once they enter the public school system.

Sometimes you may encounter a long waiting period before you have access to a full diagnostic evaluation. In the meantime, you may be able to enroll your child in an early intervention program, so that therapies can be started right away. Check with your state autism hotline for available resources.

Well Child Lens examines two types of experts that can confirm a diagnosis:

  • Developmental Pediatrician 5

    A developmental pediatrician will perform a comprehensive physical and developmental exam during a diagnostic evaluation.

  • Psychologist 35

    Psychologists often use standardized assessment methods and a variety of questionnaires, along with interactive observation of a child’s behavior and play, during a diagnostic evaluation.

We invite you to explore the diagnostic process and learn how physicians and experts draw their conclusions.

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