Therapy Makes a Difference

If your child or patient is found to be at risk, or has a diagnosis, you can make sure that he or she has access to therapies that will lead to progress and development. You will need to investigate options in your area and find the best program for your child.

Call Your State's Early Intervention Hotline

Remember, early intervention services are essential for any child with developmental delays, with or without an autism spectrum diagnosis. Any parent can call their state’s intervention service hotline and have their child evaluated for state-sponsored intervention services.

Get Started With Our 60-Minute Learning Course

Well Child Lens recommends first watching our 60-minute parent learning course on available research-supported therapies for a complete overview.

Watch The Course Now

Get In-Depth Information On Specific Therapies

It is much easier to navigate the world of therapy choices, when you have a better idea of what these therapies are and how they work. Our videos show many children in therapy – all under the age of 5 – and how they respond and progress. Explore the therapy videos to help you imagine how your child might respond and give you ideas as to what therapies might work best for your child.

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